JS3 Dev Blog




Texture Cache

A small cache for accelerating texture reads.


Currently rewriting this to move away from the tile racing design, and to support render to texture, multiple render target sizes, tiled and linear surfaces, and higher performance

Shader blocks

All the blocks involved in building up and executing shader work. SDN, AKB, NMB, SKE, and ELT.

DDR3 Controller

Information on generating, modifying, and using a MIG DDR3 controller.

HDMI scanout

RTL is done. Blog post TODO.

Additional FPGA Projects

Unrelated to the GPU project, but maybe of interest to someone?


Dokukon 18-bit Retro Console

CPU, GPU, memory system, audio, controllers, DMA, and host side devkit tools


Some Other Project

No idea what this will be, but I do know it will eventually consume my life